Real Resources

While Sierra and her family and friends are fictional characters, many of the resources and supplies they rely on are real. On this page, you'll find links to the companies that offer a variety of products useful for family preparedness and sustainable living, as well as titles of books and websites offered by authors who have a wealth of information to share on the matter. (Plenty of the products mentioned are made up, as well - if you're having difficulty finding a product or company, leave me a comment on the post where it is mentioned and I'll try to help. It may well be a figment of my imagination!)

This list is only to help readers if they wish to do further research; appearance on this list does not equal an endorsement on my part of an author, publisher, product, or company, or the values, actions, or mission statement thereof. I have received no payment for mention of any of the resources listed below. Caveat emptor.

~ Melonie K.