Monday, November 21, 2016

Episode Six: Stew On This

All of the children were seated around the table, enjoying bowls of venison stew and cornbread, when Jordan and Ruger arrived back at the house. Jordan washed up while Sierra moved to the kitchen to get Jordan's lunch out of the Crock-Pot. He leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek and whispered, "I saw Bob Smith heading out of the neighborhood in his PreeWuss on my way home. I assume those are his and Susie's kids with us now?"

"Jordan, chill about the car," Sierra said softly. "I know you might think it's a political thing, but you should really stop and think about

Friday, November 18, 2016

Episode Five: In Which We Meet Bob

A few hours later, things were winding down in the library. Sierra had supervised and helped out where necessary, but since all of the children were old enough to read and write fluently, she was more of a facilitator than a tutor these days. As everyone cleaned up their projects and put away their resources for the time being, Sierra made her way to the kitchen to start dishing up lunch. As she walked into the hallway, the driveway chime pinged, alerting her to the fact that Jordan had replaced the batteries on his way out that morning (she had wondered how Teddy had gotten to the front door early that morning), and that someone was on their way down the driveway. Feeling the reassuring weight of her Glock 19 in its Blade Tech IWB Kydex holster, she was at the front door with Kahra as the visitors made their way to the front porch. The children had heard the driveway chime as well, and Caisson and Knox stood in the hallway behind Sierra. 

"Looks like it's Bob Smith from across the road," Sierra told them when she saw the light blue Prius round the slight bend in the driveway. "He's got a teenage guy and a younger girl with him."

"Oh, that's Luke and Hannah," Caisson replied. "Cadence and I talked to them about a week ago at the community center. They said

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Episode Four: Envision A Library

By 0900, the family had finished breakfast, discussed the untimely demise of Mrs. Smith, completed their morning routines, and tackled their chores. Jordan had hopped on his rugged Trek Police Edition bike and ridden to the Liberty Heights community center, Ruger trotting at his side, to get his CrossFit WOD in and then lead a self-defense class for the neighborhood's senior citizens. Sierra sat in the family library and watched the children filter in to begin their homeschool lessons.

One of the many upsides to homeschooling their children was that Sierra constantly found herself learning new things in the process of facilitating the children's education through their skills and developing interests. Budding seamstress Cadence was often

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Episode Three: The Children Awaken

Sierra glanced at her watch as her tea steeped. 0700 - time to make sure the children were up and about. As the thought crossed her mind, Sierra heard the door to one of the bathrooms close and the shower start up. Good - her sixteen year old twins, Cadence and Caisson, were up and starting their morning ablutions as scheduled. Sierra walked down the hall and stuck her head into the boys' room. Her thirteen year old triplets, Benning, Campbell, and Knox, were rustling around making their beds, while ten year old Ranger was still zonked out on his bed. She couldn't help but chuckle at the blanket he had kicked onto the floor yet again - she always said Ranger was a living, walking furnace.

"Ranger - it's 0700! Teeth, toilet, clothes!" Sierra called as she headed back to the kitchen. She pulled a package of nitrate-free turkey bacon from the fridge