Monday, October 31, 2016

Episode Two: In Which We Meet Teddy

As Sierra was jotting down supplies to purchase at the warehouse store, the doorbell rang. Jordan sprang into action, press-checking the pistol holstered at his side, then swiftly transitioning to checking the backup pistols tucked away in his shoulder rig and both ankle holsters. With a single look from Jordan, Ruger the attack-trained German Shepherd took his position at Jordan's side and stalked to the front door with him. Sierra positioned herself in the hallway, as she and Jordan had discussed many times, so she was adequately prepared to protect the children if need be. As Jordan's right hand and helpmeet, Sierra knew she was the next line of defense in a concentric circle of layers of perimeters meant to protect the family and their home. Double checking her own pistols, Sierra nodded to Jordan that she was ready for him to answer the door.

One hand on the door knob, his foot braced against the door, and the other hand at the ready by his pistol grip, Jordan peered through the wide angle peephole installed in the heavy, solid oak front door, which had a metal frame reinforced by six inch screws set into the extra thick structure. Jordan's grandpa had reminded him when they built the house that a door was only as secure as its frame, and most houses lacked any real stability in their contractor-special cheap doors and short screws. Through the peephole, Jordan observed

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bibbidy Bobbidy BANG! Episode One: In Which We Meet Our Heroine

As Sierra added the 3c water, 12c flour, and 8T vanilla to the mixing bowl, Jordan burst through the door from the garage, where he had been counting cases of .45ACP ammunition stored behind the false wall he'd built with his grandfather, who told him 'The day will come, Bubba, when you'll need this to care for your family like a real man.' Sierra gasped as Jordan's bulgy muscles flexed - he was an avid CrossFitter and it showed - then turned on the KitchenAid(R) at low speed to start mixing the dough. Granny's recipe was good, but poor Granny didn't have a KitchenAid(R) to help with her daily work. The arthritis took away much of her kitchen joy. Pulling herself away from her ponderings of Jordan's muscles and Granny's hands, Sierra asked, "What's going on, dear? You seem perturbed!"

"MURDER!" shouted Jordan.